• Having succeeded in the paints manufacturing sector through our first established company (UPCO), we started considering paint's complementary industries. Resins and Polymers Industries represented by (RPI) was the second landmark in our success story. Additionally, we have operated our Automotive and Refinishes Plant (SARICO) which soon became one of the leading companies in the MENA region.
  • In terms of serving wider range of our client's needs, we started our Minerals Division in Jordan back in early 80's. Jordan Minerals Est. (JME) has become a pioneering manufacturer of Ground Calcium Carbonate (Natural & Surface Treated). The variety of products range provided by JME is covering many applications related to the Plastic and Paints Industry.
  • The energetic and dynamic management coupled with its motivated staff have made Rafiq Burghli Group a remarkable address in the business world; reaping fruits of hard work and devotion.

The Story of Success

It has always been our goal to maintain at highest standards. It is left for the customers to judge upon us.

Our team's duty was, since the day we started, and still is to provide our customers with the best products and service there is. This we try to achieve by dedicating all our efforts, and utilizing all our expertise.

The long experience, enforced by the knowledge that has distinguished us kept us on going further and further in developing our product, we do not see any boundaries in front of us, why should we when most of the world around us is made out of Calcium Carbonate.

The Factory

Founded in 1983 after extensive experience in various applications and uses of Calcium Carbonates and business conducted in several industries that utilizes it in their production processes.

Production processes are equipped with the most advanced technology and control system, enabling JME to effectively control all production operations and manufacture products of the specified degree as per client request ranging from ultrafine 90% <2 micron up to granular size.

The reputation gained and the trust we had from our customers forced JME to expand its facility year after another and increase its total production capacity from 50,000 MT/annum to its current level over 350,000 MT/annum.

The Raw Material Quarries

JME meets all of its needs of calcium carbonate from its limestone quarries.

Continuous close control of the extractive process ensures a constant supply of raw material of highest purity. A fleet of trucks transport the material to plants from JME'S quarries which reserves a millions of cubic meters.